HA - Understanding the diversity of HA Fillers | An innovative approach to maximising facial beauty

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Julius Few, MD + Vic Narurkar, MD + Arthur Swift, MD

Course description:

This CME accredited educational initiative is designed to help core aesthetic physicians understand the diverse applications of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and how the use of a methodical, comprehensive aesthetic evaluation can help achieve more satisfactory patient outcomes.

This program features, Live, Hands-On Training!

The morning will address the aesthetic evaluation, the patient consult and includes a special presentation on injection anatomy. The faculty will review the differences among the HA fillers and how each can be utilized to achieve the best aesthetic effect with an emphasis on volumizing and reshaping the face. Live patient injection demonstrations will enhance the learning experience.

During the afternoon session, participants will work in small groups with the faculty for a more intimate learning experience. A limited number of participants may bring a patient, and the faculty will spend time reviewing the aesthetic analysis and guiding injections. Others in the group are encouraged to ask questions and be active participants in the treatment process.

Product and medical supplies are included in the registration fee.

Faculty for this program include renowned aesthetic physicians:
· Julius Few, MD
· Vic Narurkar, MD
· Arthur Swift, MD

Registration Fee: $349.00 (The registration fee includes a supply of HA products for all participants.)


This course is open to core aesthetic physicians which include dermatologists, ophthalmologists and facial plastic, oculoplastic and plastic surgeons, as well as physician assistants and nurse injectors.

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